Newsletter 2021

Thank you for taking the time to check out what is ahead for us in 2021! I have new Covid precaution outlines, HAIR KITS and NEW PRODUCTS FOR YOUR HAIR!!!


It has almost been one year since 'Rona made it's debut into all of our lives. I want to thank each and every one of you for taking this seriously. It's because of all of our endeavors the salon has made it through safely. My goal is to make it through to vaccination with no incident. As you may know, I am signed up for tracking notifications and have not received any calls from any contact tracers. That gives me hope that everyone is staying safe and following protocols to get us back to a healthy country and economy.

I encourage you to take your temperature before your appointment and I have added an oximeter to our preappointment check in. I wanted to let everyone know that I am now, along with temperatures, am taking oxygen levels. Low oxygen levels have been present in some asymptomatic persons. You can order an

Masks should fit securely on face and around nose. No Muppet Masks or T-Shirt Masks. What are these? Well you know the super thin t-shirt masks, but a muppet mask? Do the test in the mirror. If when you talk, your mask dances on your face, then it's a Muppet mask, because it makes you look like a Muppet puppet! It's kinda funny but not safe! 

I am doubling down bc there is a new strain and after speaking with an Epidemiologist and Nurses, as long as we wear secure masks we are good! Thank Goodness! 


No one cares about Covid fatigue. I mean we DO, because we are ALL experiencing it, but this is not the time to let up. This IS THE TIME to persevere. Please if you are not wearing masks in public places, and that means ALL PUBLIC places then you are not a good fit at this time. Please understand and come see me when this mess clears up and we are vaccinated. 

What really sucks is that I love all of my clients and because of covid I have had to lose clients because I am serving a certain niche of people. I am serving at risk individuals and those taking safety to the top tier. 


    All that said if you do not plan on getting vaccinated, please find a new hairstylist. 

If you are an at risk individual and you are in 1A or 1B and are about to get vaccinated, are waiting to get your second shot or waiting to reach the full immunity, let's reschedule till after your vaccine. I want to protect you and if we made it though last years quarantine, we can wait a touch longer. XOXO 

*i understand that some at risk individuals with severe contraindications or multiple underlying conditions risks could outweigh the risks vaccine because of limited clinical trials  at this time and take that into account. 


Hair kits are STILL AVAILABLE and so are CONDITIONING KITS! If you would like a fabulous HAIR KIT for root touchups or colors at home, they are available and will continue to be! Don't suffer with roots or boring hair! I can deliver kits to your door or available for pick up! 

The same for deep conditioners! If you would like to wrap your hair in a super moisturizing organic Oway mask, look no farther! $20 in salon or $30 mailed to your door! Feel free to inquire by text or calling. 


*Hairstory is based out of New York and manufatured in the U.S. Hairstory is not organic. Purchase organic products here 

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Which Wash is for YOU?

image_6487327 (2).JPG
image_6487327 (1).JPG
Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 2.11.06 PM.png

I LOVE these products! They were designed with hairstylists in mind.

*The texture Powder puffs just the right amount and not too gritty, still touchable.

*The Hair Balm is great for anyone who needs moisture, likes to airdry and wants that soft separation. It calms frizz and encourages supple ends.  It is also very wonderful for CURLY hair.

*Blowout queens will like the Dressed up and can be reapplied for refreshers. It gives heat protection and helps hair dry faster. 

*The Wax is amazeballs and has a wonderful consistency that is pliable, offers separation to show off texture and a gentle hold. 

*Lift is a very gentle spray that helps give that added volume and plumb the hair for that denser ponytail and puts love where is counts.

*Undressed is for those beachy waves and undone glamour.