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Long time no speak! Welcome to your better late than never newsletter on what's hot, what's  not, and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for the love of God!(We won't get into that but you know what needs to happen!) 

 Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has not only supported the salon but taken time for self care, whether that was with me or someone else(massage, meditation, etc).  It is very important during these times to make sure your tank is full of peace and love to navigate these rough seas at times. 

Seeing a smile on your faces brings me incredible joy! There are some clients I have not seen and I have not forgotten about you! I will be reaching out, I have been working hard for a long second, with the hustle and bustle of all these new avenues we have before us! Some people have lost their jobs, struggle with anxiety or have even moved in response to Covid. I understand and am here to say "you are not alone." The right time is the right time and I will be here when you are ready for the safest and least boring hairstyling of the year!! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the salon and our furry family

Your happiness is my joy. 










  How has work been?  

 Work has actually been fantastic, well as fantastic as possible in a Zombie Apocolypse! Why? I have the best zombie fighting clients in the world and together we have taken an extreme situation and created a harmony in the midst of rough seas all for the benefit of love and care for ourselves. 




Literally, I see great things!  Reiki, Meditation sessions

and Microblading  appointments 2/2021

NOW accepting bookings for 2021.

If certain days are important to you,

I urge you to book now. 

I will be working one Sunday a month. Technically I am booked for the rest of the 2020 year. I may be able to get creative in one or two spots, so you can reach out by calling/texting. This is why I am recommending to book for 2021 if you can.

Trends are coming up but first a quick word about haircuts and color appointments:Please consider bringing a second shirt to your appointments to help with the hair that sneaks past my styling cape. It can be itchy and I do my best but since I am not using a "air" blow dryer and only using Infared dryer, getting those tiny hairs can be challenging. Also when you are getting hair color, remember to not wear your Coco Chanel blouse. 

You also want to bring a mask that FITS WELL around your face and your NOSE. VERY IMPORTANT for ALL of US!  

I have clients of all ages (Queens/Kings and even some Sages), cancer survivors and at at risk clientele, so we do it for ourselves, we do it for them, we do it for our businesses, we do it for our families, we do it for our country and we do it for the world. 

Please consider sponsoring a family or child this holiday season. 

The Department of Community and Human Services with Alexandria can be clicked here

Trends trends trends 

are you ready?

That's all  Folks