Your best accesory aside of your hair and style are your eyebrows.  There are many different reasons one would choose microblading as their permanent makeup of choice.  Microblading is a technique that has been sought after for it's natural finish.  Some are looking to define what they have, while others are looking create a natural look to areas that have been over tweezed or where eyebrow hair does not grow anymore.  There are those with time constraints, shaky hands, lack of accuracy in application, and those tired of applying eyebrow powder.   We have all smeared off half of one eyebrow at some point in the day with no makeup to reapply.   Those days are fun, but they can also be a thing of the past!  

What is microblading?

Microblading is also know as feathering, embroidery, and 3D eyebrows.    The procedure is performed with a controlled hand tool specialized for implanting pigment into your skin.  This technique is great for filling in sparse eyebrows or enhancing your brow shape.  The needle used to microblade makes fine cuts that allow pigment to be implanted in the skin.  

Microblading is indeed a tattoo but much different than the old techniques that we may have seen in ages past.

The results are fine hair strokes that have a  beautiful and a natural finish.  Microblading can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on your lifestyle and skin changes.   Touch ups are recomended anywhere from 12-18 monthes after to keep vibrance and crispness of lines.  To get the most longevity from your procedure, following the pre and post care instructions are key.


New Clients


$550 (new clients without existing brow tatoos) 

$400 deposit  for 1st appt

 $150 due at 4-6wk touch up 

*includes in depth consultation

 with personal brow design and 

 photo analysis

*includes two 2-3 hours sessions

 both your first visit and your

 follow up session 6-8 weeks later

 booked at the time of your first  visit.

*post care take home gift bag

*50% non-refundable deposit

 required. see policies

Are you a candidate?

Pre-care instructions

Post-care instructions

MAKE APPOINTMENT for a complimentary 

consultation by calling 301-412-7266

or emailing dominiquesnowbrow@gmail.com

Existing Clients

Touch ups-$250-$450

*6-9 mo. touch up $250

*10-12 mo. touch up $300

*12-18 mo. touch up $450

*50% non-refundable desposit 

 required.  see policies


***Existing Brow Tattoos ***

As an artist and proffessional, I am very particular about working over "exisiting" brow tattoos.  Please send a crisp photo of your eyebrows in good light for review to dominiquesnowbrow@gmail.com

 *Please also include the date of your last session, the artist name, business name, and number of sessions*

If you have any of the following, you are not a candidate

*Immune Disorders

*History of Hemophilia (bleeding)

*History of Epilepsy, Seizures, Fainting, or Narcolepsy

*Scarring (Keloids)

*Severely Oily Skin (pigment may not last or may look more solid instead of fine hair strokes)

*History of Skin Diseases, Skin Sensitivities to Soaps, Disinfectants, etc.

*History of Skin Lesions

*Have Thyroid or Graves Disease (medication interferes)

*Diabetes 1 or 2 (prone to slow healing, infection, and pigment may not last as long.)

*Are pregnant or breastfeeding